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  • We sell 1 in 4 Renault vehicles in the UK
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New Renault Vehicle Range

When you buy a new Renault, you get much more than a fantastic car. That’s because every new Renault Retail Group car comes with our Renault Quality Commitment – a sixteen-point promise we’ve made to our customers. Not only will you enjoy the highest level of service but we’ll also keep you covered with our new 4+ Package, subject to terms and conditions.

With it you get a 4 years finance package, warranty and roadside assistance. It’s just our way of making sure you’re protected against some of life’s ups and downs. Our range of cars include the award winning Renault Clio, the stylish Renault Megane, the ever popular Renault Captur, the funky Renault Twingo and the family Renault Scenic. Add to this our fabulous electric choice and you can’t go wrong. For more help and advice contact your nearest Renault Retail Group dealer.

About Us

Renault Retail Group is a national network of over 19 automotive dealerships and sells 1 in every 4 Renault in the UK.

We are 100%-owned by Renault, enabling us to offer you the full range of Renault cars, vans and associated products and services at the best prices and backed with sound advice based on years of experience and passion for the Renault brand.