Renault Diamond Vue

At Renault we are always striving to ensure you get the best from your vehicle. Our new Diamond Vue service is an innovative way to keep you informed whenever your vehicle comes into one of our workshops for servicing.

What is Diamond Vue?

Diamond Vue is a personalised video filmed by the expert technician that is working on your vehicle. The video link is delivered to you by email and SMS to highlight any issues found during your free 25-point vehicle health check that require your attention.

In the video, the technician will take you on a tour of your car, using their expert opinion to show you the problem areas and explain the work they recommend carrying out. The information is explained in a clear and concise manner, and more importantly, you will be able to see for yourself the exact part they are talking about, as if you were there yourself. Our aim is to build trust and transparency using the technician’s expertise, allowing you to make an informed decision based on the facts in front of you.


How does Diamond Vue work?

When the Technician has recorded their video, it will be sent directly to you to via email and SMS, so you can watch it on your PC, laptop, tablet or mobile at your convenience. Once you have watched the video, the service advisor will contact you to discuss any issues, and if required, request your authorisation to proceed with the agreed work. If your vehicle receives a clean bill of health, you will still receive a Diamond Vue, showing you that your vehicle is in good condition.

So when your car has been in for a service, we won't tell you how it went, we'll actually show you.

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