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New Renault cars that cost less than your weekly allowance with no Advance Payment required.

Motability offers

Keep the difference

If keeping the cost of your lease as low as possible is one of your main priorities, we have Renault cars available to lease for less than your weekly mobility allowance (currently £59.75 for DLA and PIP). These cars are available at a fixed weekly amount for the whole of your agreement and there is no Advance Payment required. The remainder of your allowance will be paid directly to you by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). The amount you keep is likely to increase each year when the DWP increasesthe allowance rate, usually in April.

Typical example

To work out how much you will keep, take your current allowance rate, £59.75, and subtract the Weekly Rental. For example if the car you’re interested in has a weekly rental of £49.75, you will keep £10 per week. This is based on your current allowance rate of £59.75 and the allowance you keep over a period of 3 years = 156 weeks.

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