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Renault Driving School Scheme

Which car makes the best teaching platform relies on many factors including reliability, comfort, ease of handling, driving ergonomics, fuel economy, value for money and, perhaps the most important of all, a safe environment for both student and instructor. Could it be the Renault Twingo or perhaps the Renault Clio? We invite you to look through the Renault range and find the most suitable car for you. In business they say that presentation is everything and every Renault vehicle has a sense of style and quality that sets them apart from the rest, so your student will enjoy driving them as much as you enjoy owning them.

Mastercover Insurance

Renault have joined forces with Mastercover Insurance to develop an insurance package which will combine competitive premiums with 1st Class service, and with 18 years experience of insuring Driving Instructors they provide cover for over 7,000 industry professionals. All policies include Legal Expenses cover, ensuring that you are supplied with a replacement dual control vehicle following any accident, fault or non fault.

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