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Deciding on getting a brand new car is both exciting and daunting. The choice of models is astounding. So, if you’ve found yourself thinking “what car should I buy?”, we’ve created a quick guide to ease you along the process of buying a new Renault car.

We’ve compiled some general types of buyers to match you with your ideal car. Take a look below to see what type of people best suit which model.

Renault KOLEOS – A car for families

Renault Zoe – A car for the eco-friendly

Renault Megane – A car for business execs

Renault Clio Renaultsport – For fast car fanatics

Renault Kangoo – A van for small business owners

Renault KOLEOS – A car for families

At its best, family life can be amazing. What’s better than all of your loved ones getting along? But at its worst, it can be overwhelmingly stressful. Whether its crying babies, whining kids or arguing teenagers, you’re bound to feel under pressure.

Finding the perfect family car can take a lot of the strain out of travelling together. Give everyone enough room to feel comfortable and they’re bound to get on.

Interior space

Keeping this in mind, the new Renault KOLEOS is designed to handle whatever life throws at it. With more than enough room on the inside, the whole family can fit with ease. Comfortably seat up to five passengers on luxurious leather seats as well as up to four large suitcases in the boot. Or, put the one-touch easy folding rear seats away to make way for a whopping 942 litres of space, giving you more than enough room for six or more large suitcases.

Renault’s advanced safety features

As your family’s safety is of the utmost importance, the KOLEOS also utilises advanced features to keep everyone inside the vehicle safe at all times.

• Emergency braking assist: actively works to help you come to a stop when emergency braking.
• Collision detector: actively monitors your surroundings and warns you if you get too close to something.
• Lane departure warning: monitors your lane control on the motorway and warns you if you begin to veer into another lane.

Renault Zoe – A car for the eco-friendly

Petrol cars are becoming outdated. The recent surge in electric models reflects a change in society – more people are beginning to care about the environment.

Do your part for the planet and get a new Renault Zoe. Boasting the latest technology from Renault, alongside a much cheaper running cost, this model is a must-have for the environment-conscious amongst us.

The new Z.E 40 battery

The new Zoe is a step forward for electric cars. The new Z.E 40 battery builds on previous lithium-ion batteries to double the amount of power in the same compact battery. The doubled size allows this sleek and modern car to reach 250 miles NEDC from a single charge, giving most other electric vehicles a run for their money.

Interior features for comfort and entertainment

A Renault R-Link multimedia system comes as a standard, giving you easy access to the radio, TomTom satellite navigation and smart device pairing. Take your listening experience to the next level with an optional BOSE Premium R-Link sound system.

Renault Megane Hatch – A car for business execs

What comes to mind when you think of the ideal business car? Soft-touch materials and subtle designs? Advanced technological features to ease the journey? A great running cost? All of these come together to create the new Renault Megane Hatch, the perfect car for the modern-day businessperson.

Interior features to ease the journey

Choose from cloth, leather or Alcantara upholstery to line the large cabin. A leather steering wheel adds a feel of luxury, whilst 12V power sockets in the front and rear add convenience for all inside. Make your journeys more enjoyable with an R-Link 2 multimedia system with TomTom LIVE satnav, all controlled by a touchscreen on the centre console.

Reduced running costs

With the engines for the Renault Megane Hatch ranging from 110 to 205HP, its fuel efficiency is surprisingly great. Offering up to 76.4mpg combined, this model is the perfect car for driving to and from meetings all over the country without feeling a dent in your wallet.

Renault Clio Renaultsport – For fast car fanatics

Sporty cars give you a taste of the race track on a day-to-day basis. Clinging to tight city corners or breezing through wide open country roads, there are a hundred ways for thrill-seekers to get their fill when driving.

The new Renault Clio Renaultsport combines the comfort and convenience of a hatch with the serious power of a sports car. Take to the roads in an athletic take on an everyday car.

Power and performance

Designed with power in mind, the new Clio Renaultsport’s engine can output a serious 220HP. This seriously strong 1.6-litre engine gives you more than enough power to play with, great for nipping around the city in record time or effortlessly taking command of the motorway.

An athletic styling

Sporty touches of design throughout hint towards the power under the bonnet of the Clio Renaultsport. On the front, an F1-inspired blade front bumper catches the eye with a touch of chrome, whilst twin exhausts, a spoiler and a silver diffuser create a bold look to the rear. An aerodynamic body trim adds further to the athletic charm whilst helping with wind resistance.

Renault Kangoo – A van for small business owners

When you’re on the job you need a reliable van with more than enough room for all of your equipment. Take some of the stress out of being a small business owner with a new Renault Kangoo, the perfect van for everyday use.

Comfortable interior

Offering everything you’d need for a day of hard work, the new Kangoo offers a comfortable and spacious interior. The front dash is designed with full visibility for the driver, ergonomically placed controls for easy access when driving and an overhead parcel shelf keeps important documents or pieces of equipment to hand.

Highly practical features

Anchorage points let you tie down heavy objects with ease whilst a rear roof flap adds an additional touch of vertical storage. Grip Xtend is perfect for those working on a building site or off-road. This feature actively works to make taking off on snow, gravel and mud easier.

Now, match yourself to one of these types of people to discover your perfect Renault car. Whether you’re looking for something to transport your whole family with ease or if you’re looking for a sporty model, there’s a new Renault car perfectly suited to you. Find your local Renault Retail dealer today to learn more.

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