Renault unveils its Morphoz Electric Concept Car

Renault unveils its MORPHOz concept car, illustrating its vision of future electric mobility. This modular vehicle offers a personalised adaptation to the needs, desires and uses of each person to push back all the automotive limits.

  • Renault MORPHOZ is a personal electric vehicle, connected and equipped with level 3 autonomous driving functions. It can be shared when not in use.
  • MORPHOZ is adaptable: it can be transformed to fit to all uses, both those of everyday life, for short journeys and those requiring a longer range.
  • It takes advantage of the Alliance’s future CMF-EV modular electric platform to offer several configurations of power, capacity and range, as well as habitability and trunk volume.
  • It prefigures a new family of Renault electric models that will arrive from 2021.

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    This futuristic vehicle represents Renault’s vision of personal, shareable electric mobility in the years beyond 2025. It’s called the MORPHOZ and it draws on the Alliance’s new modular CMF-EV electric platform to offer several configurations not only of power, capacity and range, but also of user options and boot space too.

    Faithful to the brand’s DNA, the MORPHOZ concept embodies the Family petal of Renault’s ‘Life Flower’ design strategy, which is based around the stages within a person’s life. However, it is not merely an exploratory vision of mobility. In its design, details and interior presentation, it also heralds a new family of Renault electric models for the coming years.

    The Renault MORPHOZ concept represents changes in technology, society, the environment and human behaviour. It is a key element of several transformational ecosystems which place sharing as a fundamental principle. Groupe Renault is already strongly involved in supporting the mobility revolution with products, services and solutions. Its strategy is to become a supplier of smart mobility solutions for the cities and regions of the future.

    A dedicated and adaptable electric platform

    Like the CMF-B platform launched last year on the All-New Clio and used on the All-New Captur, the CMF-EV allows engineers to design, build, adjust, and fine-tune electric vehicles more efficiently.

    The innovative architecture features a long wheelbase with wheels at the very corners of the vehicle, reduced overhangs and a flat floor, all combined to create a radical and striking appearance. A streamlined battery means the vehicle can be designed closer to the ground and with a lower roof to deliver improvements to aerodynamic performance. The CMF-EV chassis and structure combination is optimised for dynamic driving with batteries located beneath the floor in the rear, ensuring a low centre of gravity.

    This configurable concept can transform into two different modes: from the shorter City form to the longer Travel version. It is fully adaptable to fit the needs of drivers and passengers, with City mode fitted with the right battery capacity for day-to-day commuting or shopping, while in Travel it is able to accommodate the added capacity needed for long distance journeys.

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