Renault Retail Nominated for Digital Initiative of the Year 2017

An online presence is everything in the 21st century retail world, that’s why Renault have been working hard all-year-round to make a more user-friendly, inviting website for all of our visitors. Thanks to the hard work and dedication our digital team have contributed, Renault are proud to announce that we have been put forward for the Digital Initiative of the Year,
Dealer Website of the Year and Employer of the Year awards at Motor Trader’s 2017 award ceremony. This exciting achievement is a great reflection of the team’s innovation and creative thinking, not to mention the tireless effort put in by every single contributor.

The Motor Trader Awards 2017

Motor Trader are one of the largest automotive news sites in the UK, providing constant updates on the fast paced motoring world. Their independent news articles are targeted towards the UK dealership scene and therefore they have a reputation across the UK for knowing the business better than most. Because of their well-respected reputation, their awards ceremony is one of the largest events on any dealerships calendar. Safe to say, Renault Retail are thrilled to be put forward for such an award and it is a great way to highlight the work and effort throughout 2016/17.

Renault started boosting their digital presence a few years ago with several countries making it their top priority. Renault Retail UK also joined this project to really enhance what they already had online. Renault made plans to make their website more user friendly, popular and interesting. Thousands of changes and an increased focus on digital has led to Renault’s success, so much so that we have been nominated for one of the most competitive awards in the country.

Full List of Renault Retail Nominations

  • Digital Initiative of the Year Award
  • Dealer Website of the Year Award
  • Employer of the Year Award

Couldn’t Have Done It Alone

Renault Retail haven’t made a successful digital campaign all alone however, several partnerships have also led Renault to their digital success. Stuart Thorpe for example, camera man and owner of 360 Imagery, helped Renault’s digital presence by creating multiple virtual tours of Renault’s newer models, such as the virtual tour of the New Renault Megane. These in-depth online tours of the car let customers understand the vehicle inside and out without having to even experience the car in person.

The Dealership Website of the year award recognises customer facing websites that offer great user experience, ease of use and offer fresh and regularly updated content. Not wishing to stand still we are already planning for the next release of exciting new features to help our customers find the best vehicle for them. This is why we continue to work with innovators like Jobi Catto, a multi talented 3D imaging specialist that creates immersive, interactive experiences. Many others have been a huge help in boosting Renault’s online world, and a great thank you is due to every person involved.

All members and helpers of the Renault digital team will be keeping their fingers crossed on the 12th of July when the Motor Trader awards take place. This exciting awards ceremony is a great achievement, regardless of outcome, and it is a great reflection of Renault Retails effective marketing strategies and existing partnerships throughout 2017. Hopefully the innovation of the digital marketing team can continue to match the high quality design and engineering of all Renault vehicles.

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