#RenaultRetailHeroes – Paul Wilson

Welcome to the first ever instalment of our new #RenaultRetailHeroes series, featuring Paul Wilson and his pizza-delivering Renault Clio! Paul believes he has delivered over 13,000 pizzas all over Fife, covering 171,386 miles in the process, so we decided to find out a little bit more…

Paul and his Clio deliver pizzas six days a week for Istanbul, Kismet and Nonna’s Pizza – that’s a lot of pizza! Nothing can stand in the way of Paul and his deliveries, not even getting stuck on a rock, one Christmas Eve. Needless to say, after a lot of laughter from his friends, he and his Clio were up and running again by Boxing Day.

A true connoisseur, Paul says you can always tell how good a pizza place is by the quality of their cheese and tomato pizza, which is also his favourite. But for you die-hard foodies out there, we had to know, what is the strangest pizza topping he’s ever delivered? And we think the seafood pizza on Kismet’s menu could be more divisive than the age-old pineapple debate – make sure you let us know your take on our social media pages…

A regular feature not just around Fife, but on the CSOC Scotland page too, Paul’s does nearly all the maintenance work on his Clio himself, and hopes to reach 250,000 miles or more – what a hero!

Have you got any #RenaultRetailHeroes in your life? We’d love to hear about them, so make sure you message us with your stories! And if you see Paul and his Clio out and about, be sure to tag us in a cheeky selfie!

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