#RenaultRetailHeroes – Chris Herbert

Our last #RenaultRetailHero was a foodie, so this time we’re switching things up with a sports and music super fan…between ice hockey matches and seeing his favourite artists live across Europe, Chris has travelled over 60,000 miles in his Mégane – he’s been to gigs as close to his hometown of Newport as Cardiff, and as far away as Sweden!
A testament to the fantastic kit found in Renault models, Chris says the original factory upgraded Privilege TomTom sound system is still going strong after all the miles, meaning his most recently played song – Highway to Hell by AC/DC – sounds just as sharp as when he first heard it. We wouldn’t recommend any head-banging behind the wheel though.
Having just returned from the Sweden Rock Festival and managing to cross off most of his bucket-list artists, including Pink Floyd, Iron Maiden, Within Temptation and Europe, Chris is currently focusing on following the Cardiff Devils during the Champions Hockey League! Chris’ favourite hockey memory so far is leaving South Wales at 3am to watch the Cardiff Devils lift the league trophy.
From driving over 1,000 miles in a single day and braving temperatures between -15°C and 34°C, the Mégane’s only complaints so far have been small complaints while driving the Autobahns in Germany – that certainly sounds heroic to us.
Do you have any #RenaultRetailHeroes in your life that you want to celebrate? Make sure you tell us all about them on our social pages!

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