Renault Clio Cup 2017 Juniors

Following Ant Whorton-Eales’ success in the 21st Renault Clio Cup senior’s championship last year we now look forward to this year’s action! The 2017 senior’s championship kicks off this weekend at Brands Hatch, with 24 drivers looking to take the spoils and give themselves and their team the best start possible.

Teams like JamSport Racing and Team Pryo will be busy with nine drivers between them in the senior cup, but their interests will stretch further this year as we introduce the Renault Clio Cup Junior Championship 2017.

The newly formed junior championship will give 14-17 year olds a platform to develop their racing skills and compete for the title of the first ever Renault Clio Cup Junior Champion.

Renault Clio Cup Junior Championships 2017

There are 11 competitors who have taken on the challenge and will be competing against each other to win the grand prize. It’s sure to be an exciting season!

But who are the young drivers looking to follow in the footsteps of these stars?

Renault Retail Sponsors Max Marzorati

The first driver to announce they will race in the Renault UK Clio Cup Junior Championships is the young, exciting and extremely talented, Max Marzorati who will be driving the New Renault Clio

Sponsored by Renault Retail, Max has got a very promising first season ahead of him. Working alongside 2015 Renault Clio Cup champion, Ashley Sutton and the team at 20ten and Pyro; Max is feeling confident:

“I’ve sampled the UK Clio Cup Junior car a couple of times now and it is just phenomenal – I love driving it for its performance but also for what it is teaching me in terms of front-wheel-drive skills for the future.

I’m really pleased to be with the 20Ten-Pyro set-up too. Between them they have had a lot of success in the senior UK Clio Cup so I know I am very good hands. The plan now is for more testing before the season starts in early June.”

Other Clio Cup Junior Competitors

Of course, there are three other competitors and these drivers will be filling up the grid come race week one on June 3rd.

Race Locations and Dates

These young drivers will be competing on six of the country’s best and most exciting tracks, many of which will be used for the senior championship also.

The full race calendar, round 1 thru 8 will give the drivers a chance to test their mettle and push themselves to the limit.

Below we have all the tracks they will be racing on, including the track length and amount of turns..


Rounds: 1 & 2
Dates: 9th-10th September 2017
Circuit Length (km): 4,779
Turns: 13

Brands Hatch Indy

Rounds: 3 & 4
Dates: 23rd-24th September 2017
Circuit Length (km): 3.12
Turns: 12


Rounds: 5 & 6
Dates: 14th-15th October 2017
Circuit Length (km): 2.348
Turns: 8

Brands Hatch Indy

Rounds: 7 & 8
Dates: 18th-19th September 2017
Circuit Length (km): 4.779
Turns: 13

Juniors Championship Cars

With a season budget of just £30,000, the similarities between the cars used for the juniors and seniors might come as a surprise.

The juniors will sit behind a steering wheel mounted paddle, on top of Michelin’s Pilot Sport 3 tyres and be powered by a 1.6litre four-cylinder engine.

Driving a race prepared version of the Clio 220 trophy promises to lead to thrills and drama, despite the EDU modification locking them out of sixth gear.

So who will you be supporting in the championships this year? We’ll be following the Junior races live from the track, so don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter in preparation for the championship starting at the beginning of September.

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