Best Used Renault Family Cars

Taking care of a family can be stressful at the best of times, so make your family’s lives easier by buying a car that fits all of your needs. Family cars offer generous boot space, ample cabin room and advanced safety features, making for a truly comfortable journey wherever you go.

When combined, households with three and four or more people make up 37% of homes in the UK, more than those with either one or two people. This increases the demand for affordable yet high quality vehicles with enough room to carry a whole family, and their luggage, with ease.

Household size chart in percentages

Registrations for new passenger cars have been on the rise since reaching a low in 2011, hitting a thirteen-year high with 2,692,786 registrations in 2016.

This influx of new registrations ensures that there are plenty of functional and affordable used family cars available on the market, including Renault models such as the Kadjar, the Scenic and the Captur.

Total number of new passenger cars registered in the UK between 2003 and 2016

Number of new vehicle registrations year on year

To make the most of your money, browse through the best deals on used Renault cars and discover the perfect vehicle for your family.

Interesting statistics

With the UK’s average household income for 2017 estimated to rise to around £27,200 (up by £500 from £26,700 in 2016), buying a nearly new model may be the best bet for the average family income. Nearly new cars are models that are pre-registered by the dealership, letting you buy a virtually brand new car for the affordable price of a used one.

If you’re looking for something more affordable, second hand cars are also available. Find models that are a few years old to get a good price with great features, or save even more by getting an older car and sacrifice certain trims and advanced functions.

The five seat/five door combination of a family car works well and creates extra space and entry options. Your little ones won’t have to bundle in through the front door after football practice and gone will be complaints of achy legs on long journeys, thanks to seats designed with extra space.

With the majority of UK households owning a pet – 24% owning a dog and 17% owning a cat – these larger vehicles are the perfect choice for transporting your family’s furry companions. The extra boot space and adjustable seating ensure that you can fit in a bed or cage, and their favourite toys too!

On average, 1,367 miles were driven per person for holidays, sports and other entertainment in the UK in 2016 alone. Ensure that your hours spent in the car on the way to a weekend getaway are as comfortable as possible with a reliable family car. Your kids will be comfortable in the back seats with the liberal leg and seat space, no matter how long the journey.

Discover the best deals on used cars by checking out the most significant specs relevant to family use, including mpg, seats, boot space etc.

Used Renault Kadjar

Find used Renault Kadjar deals that are perfectly suited to your whole family, starting from £13,850, with brand new models starting from £19,785.

Red Renault Kadjar

Not only is a nearly new Renault Kadjar powerful and functional, high-end design features add a touch of flair to the vehicle. The delicately crafted lines, contoured body and assured stance make the Renault Kadjar a sight to behold.

Used Renault Kadjar features

A nearly new Renault Kadjar Dynamique Nav features a powerful 1.6 diesel engine, outputting a strong performance of 130 bhp. This ensures that this car can easily take off, even if the seats are filled and the boot is full.

Safety features include anti-lock brakes with Emergency Brake Assist (EBA), which lends a hand during an emergency stop. Electronic Stability Control keeps you safe around corners and works to correct any understeer errors.

The boot size offers 472 litres, more than enough storage for shopping bags and suitcases. Free up a whopping 1,478 litres of space by folding the rear seats down, giving you virtually boundless storage capacity.

Renault Kadjar family features checklist

Model Kadjar Dynamique Nav
Engine Size 1.6 Diesel
Engine Power 130 bhp
Fuel Efficiency 65.7 mpg
Seats 5
Doors 5
Boot Space (Folded Down) 864 Litres (1,620 Litres)

Used Renault Captur

Starting from just £7,188, getting a Renault Captur second-hand makes for the perfect combination of affordability and functionality.

Orange Renault Captur

The 0.9 petrol engine outputs a generous 90 bhp, enough power to make light work of running around the city or taking your kids to afterschool activities.

Used Renault Captur features

Hill start assist gives you some added power when taking off on an incline during the daily school run. Gliding rear seats enable you to make some extra space in the back when going shopping with the family.

Renault Captur family features checklist

Model Captur Dynamique MediaNav
Engine Size 0.9 Petrol
Engine Power 90 bhp
Fuel Efficiency 47 mpg (Urban), 64 mpg (Extra Urban)
Seats 5
Doors 5
Boot Space (Folded Down) 377 Litres (1,235 Litres)

Used Renault Scenic

Browse through slightly older cars to find better deals. Older models can be priced similar to newer ones due to having less mileage, more features or similarly tuned engines. Discover the best used Renault Scenic deals to save some extra cash.

Yellow Renault Scenic

Starting from just £7,195, well over £13,000 less than a brand new model, a 2012 Renault Scenic Dynamique TomTom can be found for a steal. The 1.5 diesel engine outputs a strong 110 bhp, delivering more than enough power for getting up to speed. Smaller in stature than the Kadjar or Captur, the Renault Scenic offers great power relative to its size.

Used Renault Scenic features

A TomTom Live Nav system comes preinstalled, giving you efficient directions wherever you go. Take the stress out of ferrying your kids to and from their friends’ houses, or use this feature to take you and your family to your next holiday in the UK.

The mixture of a decent mpg and TomTom navigation functionality makes this model perfect for using on long car journeys to your weekend getaways.

Renault Scenic family features checklist

Model Scenic Dynamique TomTom
Engine Size 1.5 Diesel
Engine Power 109 bhp
Fuel Efficiency 62.8 mpg (Urban), 72.4 mpg (Extra Urban)
Seats 5
Doors 5
Boot Space (Folded Down) 555 Litres (1,837 Litres)

Put this information to good use and find the best deals on used Renault cars. Visit Renault Retail to browse used cars and find a model perfect for your family.

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