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Find tested Renault Modus parts

When looking for Renault Modus parts, finding reliable replacements is always important. At Renault Retail, we stock only genuine Renault parts, spares and accessories. The authentic equipment helps to improve the quality of your drive as your car is fitted with the best possible kit.

All parts at Renault Retail have been designed and tested by the car manufacturer Renault. This ensures that the items match your car perfectly, making them easier to fit. Also, as every piece of kit has been subject to numerous checks and trials, you are guaranteed optimum safety and performance.

The Modus stock

At Renault Retail, there is a wide selection of parts for both new and used Renault Modus cars. There are brake pads and cam belt kits, two areas that are regularly subjected to wear and tear. Also, you can find windscreen wiper, mirror and light replacements - fixtures that also need repairing once in a while.

To help maintain the condition of your Modus, Renault Retail also stocks service kits. These contain equipment to suit different engine types and mileages. Within the packs, you will find an oil filter, sump washer, pollen filter, air filter and spark plugs for your car.

Upgrades and accessories

Along with parts and replacements, Renault Retail also stocks accessories so that you can upgrade and enhance your Modus. Wheel trims can improve the exterior aesthetic of your car, while the floor mats add style and keep the interior in top condition.

We also have a range of touring roof bars to fit the Modus and other Renault cars, perfect for drivers transporting larger objects. There are also hands-free kits available for those looking to own all the latest technologies.

To guarantee that you receive Renault Modus parts to match your vehicle, enter your registration number to help us find the replacements most suited to your model.