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Great deals on a quality Renault Wind

For a stylish yet practical vehicle, the Renault Wind is often a popular choice with drivers. The coupe-roadster comes complete with a convertible roof, a strong and sporty exterior design as well as sleek interior features. What's more, the Wind has a high level of protection and safety functions, ensuring that the sporty roadster is also a practical vehicle to own.

Renault Wind features

The Renault Wind has a whole host of features to guarantee that the car is a comfortable drive. The 17-inch wheels and high-waisted flanks mean that the Wind can take bends and turns with great ease. The integral rollover hoop and rigid roof panel also help to keep the vehicle secure, while the spacious boot ensures that the Wind is also practical for holidays and shopping trips.

The Renault Wind also comes complete with features which make the vehicle a stylish car to drive. Along with a retractable hard top, there are also body coloured handles and bumpers as well as an interior aluminium finish. The number of bespoke features within a Renault Wind is dependent on each individual model and the Renault Retail site allows you to view extensive information about each of the Wind cars currently in stock.

Renault Retail: nearly new and used Renault Wind

While Renault finished manufacturing Wind cars at the beginning of 2012, Renault Retail has a whole host of nearly new and used Renault Wind models at its UK dealerships. These are all contemporary vehicles, containing an array of up-to-date features and guaranteeing their owners a quality drive. Alongside the Renault Wind, Renault Retail has an assortment of other Renault cars for sale, so whether you are looking for a Renault Kangoo or Renault Scenic, Renault Retail will have a selection at its UK showrooms.