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Great deals on a quality Renault Megane

The history of the Renault Mégane

The Renault Mégane first launched in 1995, and was designed as a family car ideal for day trips, holidays and school runs. Renault concentrated on the safety of its Mégane; the pillar-mounted 3-point seatbelt for middle-rear occupants and its safety structure were unseen in many other vehicles at the time. The Mégane I even went on to receive a best-in-class 4-star safety rating in 1998 as a result of Renault's first "System for Restraint and Protection" (SRP).

Since 1999, Renault has redesigned and redeveloped its Mégane to keep up with current trends and technologies. The Mégane II, which launched in 2002, had an iconic design including a panoramic glass sun roof and a Renault Card keyless ignition. Renault Retail Group has a selection of used Mégane cars in cheaper and older designs, but which are still efficient and safe.

The current Renault Mégane

The new Mégane vehicles are designed to offer maximum comfort to both their passengers and drivers. Each design has an impressive range of seat controls as well as plenty of legroom for all. There is also storage room to ensure that the Mégane interior remains clutter-free. Renault has placed innovative design features and technologies into its new vehicles. There is a hands-free card for opening and starting the vehicle, automatic parking brake, Dual Zone climate control as well as Bluetooth connectivity.

There are five types of the new Renault Mégane at present, all of which can be purchased from the Renault Retail Group. These include the Mégane Coupe, Mégane Coupe Cabriolet and Mégane Renaultsport. You can also purchase the Mégane Sport Tourer and Mégane Hatch, both of which have low environmental impact and are 95% recyclable.

Alongside the Mégane, Renault Retail Group has an extensive Renault collection ranging from the new Renault Clio to the Renault Twingo city car. All of these vehicles can be purchased from the many dealerships around the UK.