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Learn about the Renault Clio

The Renault Clio was first produced in 1990, and has enjoyed both critical and commercial success since its launch. The first Clio came to the UK in 1991 and was considered to be a supermini car ideal for quick commutes and city driving. The second phase of the Renault Clio began in 1998, and the newly designed vehicle had a more rounded shape than its predecessor.

The Renault Clio then underwent a third development which was unveiled in 2005. This current Clio is both larger and heavier that the two previous models, making it ideal for young families as well as individual drivers. The Renault Retail Group has other family vehicles, including the Renault Laguna, at its dealerships around the UK.

New Renault Clio designs

The third and current phase of the Renault Clio has been fitted with an array of innovative design and technological features. The partnership between Renault and TomTom has resulted in the creation of a new GPS navigation system that gives drivers access to traffic information and speed camera warnings. There are also new Dynamique front seats designed to optimise the comfort and safety of both passengers and drivers. The Renault Clio has been given a 5 star safety rating from Euro NCAP due to the adaptations it has undergone.

Renault has created another three additional versions of the Clio. The Clio Sport Tourer is an ideal family estate which comes with additional space, MP3 connection and ISOFIX child seat mounts. The Clio Gordini is distinctive in style as the car has 16" or 17" aluminium wheels, Glacier White wing mirror housings and stripes as well as a rear spoiler. Renault has also developed the Clio RenaultSport which provides owners with a slice of the Silverstone racetrack. The Renault Retail Group has both new and used Renault Clio cars to peruse and buy at its dealerships across the UK.

Clio cars for sale at Renault Retail

Renault Retail has a wide selection of Clio models available at its showrooms spanning across the UK. The vehicles come at a variety of different price points based on their age and mileage as well as any upgrades or additional fixtures that they have. Our range includes both new and used Clio cars, providing our customers with rich pickings so that they are able to find a selection of models to match their driving requirements.

Renault Retail also has a range of nearly new Clio cars for sale. These vehicles are ideal for drivers looking to purchase one of the latest Clio models but at a more affordable price. We have a whole host of reasonably priced Clio cars that are only a few years old with minimal miles on the clock and all the latest fixtures and fittings.

As well as the Renault Clio, Renault Retail has a variety of other models available at its dealerships. Whether drivers are searching for a city car such as the Twingo or a family vehicle like the new Renault Grand Espace, they are guaranteed to find a selection of suitable cars at our showrooms. We make certain that all vehicles are of the highest standards, ensuring that our customers drive away with a quality car.