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New Renault Trafic Van

You have to hand it to the new Renault Trafic, it's been campaigning at the top end of the small panel van market since 2001 and there's life in the new Renault trafic yet. Behind the styling that has somehow managed to avoid aging a day over the years is a well designed, practical van that operators have come to trust.

The suspension is based around a MacPherson strut design at the front with an anti-roll bar to improve cornering stability while the rear is a heavy duty flexible beam. The ride in the new Renault Trafic is comfortable and improves with a bit of weight on board to subdue the rear end. Briskly taken corners don't confuse the new Renault Trafic and it stays reassuringly composed when asked to change direction swiftly via the nicely weighted steering. The stubby nose and elevated driving position of the new Renault traffic help a lot when manoeuvring as you can see right down to the front of the new Renault Trafic from the driver's seat.

The avantgarde shape of the new Renault Trafic, with its angled nose and the hump in the roof over the cab, works as well today as when the design of the new Renault Traffic first hit the market. As well as being distinctive, that domed roof makes the vehicle easier to enter and improves side visibility. Other thoughtful touches on the new Renault Trafic include the huge front bumper that envelopes the corners, protecting them from knocks, and shields the large headlamps. Inside the cab, there's room for three people at the front of the new Renault Trafic.',