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Great deals on a new Renault Grand Espace

Renault Grand Espace information

The Grand Espace is ideal for drivers looking to purchase a family car with plenty of space. The model is an adaptation of the original Espace model and is designed to seat seven passengers comfortably. The additional cabin space along with the handy storage features ensure that all journeys - whether long or short - are enjoyable for both the driver and passengers. What's more, the Grand Espace car comes complete with extra boot space, ideal for when travelling with such large items as suitcases, shopping or prams.

The Renault Grand Espace has also proved a popular family car become of the protection it provides while on the road. Both the Espace and Grand Espace come with the maximum 5 star Euro NCAP safety rating, making it a secure vehicle to drive.

As well as being a functional car for the family, the Renault Grand Espace also contains fixtures that make it a luxury to drive. The panoramic roof allows plenty of light into the interior, adding to the already expansive sense of space. Meanwhile, the sliding seats offer multiple locking combinations, enhancing the comfort of those travelling in the Grand Espace.

Grand Espace cars at Renault Retail

At Renault Retail dealerships, there are an array of nearly new and used Renault Grand Espace cars for sale. The models come at a range of different price points based on their mileage and age as well as on any additional fittings and upgrades that they contain. The wide selection means that customers are guaranteed to find a number of Grand Espace cars to match their requirements. Alongside the Grand Espace, Renault Retail is home to other Renault models, so whether searching for a new Twingo or used Renault Trafic, drivers are guaranteed to find a wide choice at our UK dealerships.