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Great deals on a cheap used Renault Kangoo Van

Cheap Renault Kangoo deals

The Renault Kangoo MPV

The Renault Kangoo is renowned for its space, durability and low costs, beating a number of other small MPVs currently on the market. The cavernous interior makes the vehicle ideal for large families, allowing journeys to remain comfortable even when the car is at full capacity. Meanwhile, the hardwearing fittings prevent the Kangoo from sustaining too much damage or general wear and tear, prolonging the quality of the interior.

The main appeal of the cheap Renault Kangoo is its interior space. There is plenty of head and leg room for the three rear passengers, while the high ceiling gives the MPV a light and airy feel. The extended boot space also means that larger objects can be transited effortlessly. Meanwhile, the 60/40 split rear seats can fold down to create a flat load floor, enhancing the room within the Kangoo by a further 2,866 litres.

Throughout the Renault Kangoo cabin, there are also 77 litres of additional space. Compartments and storage areas have been sturdily built so that they can hold a large number of items with ease.

Suitable for all journeys

The Renault Kangoo not only performs well in the city, but is also suitable for cruising on motorways. When the car is not fully loaded, the 75bhp 1.2 petrol engine offers nippy acceleration. Meanwhile, the 1.6 litre engine gives a lively performance and the 1.5 litre diesel unit provides good economy, performing better than others at full capacity.

Designed with space in mind

Renault designs cars that are not only practical, but also provide an optimum level of comfort and luxury. As the Renault Kangoo comes with an extended boot area and high ceiling, it is ideal for travelling with a large number of passengers or transiting bulky items. There are a selection of other MPVs to try out at Renault such as the Megane and Scenic, which are perfect for those in need of additional space.

Drivers may also want to consider a van if they are transiting large items on a regular basis. The new Renault Master comes with a sturdy design, practical cabin space and cavernous storage area, making it ideal for businesses that travel with or transport bulky objects. There is also the Renault Trafic, which comes with a vast stowage area.

Renault understands that space is an important factor, regardless of the car that you own. Within its city cars, Renault puts plenty of thought into designing vehicles that are comfortable for both the driver and passengers. The Renault Clio and Twingo come with handy storage compartments, retractable seats and a compact yet fully equipped instrument panel so that driving is enjoyable, even in the smaller Renault cars.