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Cheap Renault WIND

Renault's approach to the problems that face tiny hard-top convertibles was to go for a two-seater with an innovative roof arrangement. The resulting cheap Renault Wind is based on the Twingo city car platform, so it's compact, maneuverable and promises a sporty drive thanks to punchy petrol engines.

A couple of lively engines have been earmarked for service in the pre-registered cheap Renault Wind. The entry-level option is a 1.2-litre turbocharged petrol unit badged TCe. With 100bhp and torque of 135Nm at 3,500rpm, it promises zippy performance of the type it achieves in Renault's Twingo. The other option is the 1.6-litre petrol unit that powers the Twingo Renaultsport and here there's a full 133bhp available. This engine is the one to go for if you like to hear a saucy engine note when your convertible's roof is stowed. It features an exhaust system that's specially modified for just the right amount of acoustic titillation. Torque from this non-turbo engine is rated at 160Nm at 4,400rpm.

The design of the cheap Wind is clever. Most small convertibles have rear seats but a lack of space means people looking to sit in them will usually need to unscrew both legs beforehand. The complex roof mechanism has to fold down into rear of these cars and tends to impinge on capacity back there.

Renault's solution for the cheap Renault Wind was to axe the rear seats completely, creating a shorter cabin that can be bridged by a smaller, simpler roof mechanism for the cheap Wind. There's plenty of space for a pair of occupants and a 270-litre boot capacity that's virtually unheard of in a convertible this size. The roof itself is straightforward and effective: it retracts in just 12 seconds, pivoting back to stow itself below the boot lid. It means that the amount of available luggage space is unaffected whether the cheap Renault Wind's cabin is open to the elements or sheltered.

The cheap Renault Wind's simple roof design has also helped its styling. The cheap Renault Wind has a certain nuggety aggression. Inside the cheap Renault Wind there are sports seats lending good lateral support.  The cheap Wind looks well-proportioned and practicality looks strong despite the lack of rear seats.