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Great deals on a cheap Renault Espace

Cheap Renault Espace

The pre-registered cheap Renault Espace has a roomy cabin and a comfortable ride which is impressive, as are the smooth diesel engines and excellent crash test rating. There’s a good range of seating options, too.

The pre-registered cheap Renault Espace is bright and airy inside, particularly in models featuring the panoramic glass roof; the A-pillars are so thin, occupants seem to be surrounded by light. The giant windscreen helps here, giving a superb view forward. The cheap Renault Espace cabin itself is well finished and has a futuristic, minimalist look, with only the lone central information screen for the driver to focus on. This is available with a Bluetooth navigation system, controlled by a BMW iDrive-style single dial positioned between the front seats. The driver also enjoys a widely adjustable seating position that's comfortable.

The cheap Espace is available with a number of turbo and non-turbo petrol and diesel engines - by far the best sellers are the dCi diesels, particularly the new 2.0-litre unit. It's one of the most powerful 2.0-litre units you can buy, and one of the most refined. With 360Nm of torque, there's also plenty of pulling power. Few rivals can match the cheap Renault Espace for acceleration and flexibility, while the brakes are strong and gearbox pleasant. Overall, the cheap Espace is an effortless cruiser. The soft ride suits the car's passengers very well.

Newer MPVs have all impressed on the road, so it's a compliment that the larger cheap Renault Espace isn't outclassed. The cheap Renault Espace favours comfort over sharp handling, but copes admirably well with bends. The ride is supple over most surfaces, so even those in the back get a smooth journey.